Agent Elvis Netflix show pays touching tribute to Lisa Marie Presley | Music | Entertainment

We’ve had the Elvis movie starring Austin Butler and now it’s Matthew McConaughey’s turn in new Netflix animation backed by The King’s estate and Priscilla Presley. Agent Elvis is an adult comedy that imagines the late singer as an undercover agent in a world not too dissimilar to that of Roger Moore James Bond movies or even Austin Powers. Not only does his ex-wife play herself, but Lisa Marie Presley – who died suddenly in January – even pops up in the critically acclaimed show.

Agent Elvis’ Full Tilt first episode concludes with The King singing in his Comeback Special before the credits role. And right at the beginning of them, it reads: “Dedicated to the loving memory of Lisa Marie Presley.”

The first season is set between 1968 and 1973 when he performed his Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite concert. Considering he really declined in health from here until his death in 1977 makes us wonder if there will be a second season. Although given the tongue-in-cheek loose historical accuracy, no doubt they’d find a way around it.

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