‘Trophy husband’ Nick Davis lives off his three wives’s income

Nick Davis, who describes himself as the ‘The King’ doesn’t see the need to work because he lives off the incomes of his three wives, who all work full-time jobs. The father-of-two claims he is “living the dream”.

Nick, who chooses not to work because “the King doesn’t move around much”, lives with April, 38, Jennifer, 25, and Danielle, 22. He met his first wife, April, at university 15 years ago. After nine years of marriage, they decided to invite Jennifer to join them in their relationship.

This is more than okay with April, who explains Nick is “a lot to handle” and that she needs all the help she can get. She said: “Nick’s a lot to handle. Let’s just say that… in a lot of ways. Nick is a lot to handle in the bed.”

Speaking of meeting Jennifer almost 10 years ago, April said: “It just became evident to me that she was a great person, there was a lot of high intellect in that big brain of hers and I knew that Nick would find her attractive.”

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The throuple added a fourth person to their unusual set up last year when they appeared on the TLB program Seeking Sister Wife. During the program, Nick, 39, married the pregnant 22-year-old in a ceremony with his other two wive present.

Now the three sleep together in bed, as Nick likes to be “snuggled up in the middle”. However, lovemaking takes place with different wives separately in different areas of the house.

Nick told TLC: “Having three wives, knowing that we’ve all solidified our union and brought it together like we have, it’s just unbelievable. I just feel like I’m just living a dream come true.”

Newly-wed Danielle said: “I honestly didn’t ever think I could be this happy. I didn’t think happiness like this existed until I found a love like this.”

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The couple share updates on their polygamous family on their Instagram account @the.davis.family_official.page. They show snapshots of family life, including sweet moments with Nick’s second child, daughter Vera.

On January 11 they shared some sweet pictures of the infant with the caption: “Vera loves spending her days with her Daddy. We all can’t believe she is over six months old already…Time flies when you’re having fun.” Nick also has a son from a previous relationship.

The four shared a selfie together of the group enjoying a night together. They wrote: “Nights at home are still so fun; with so many of us, it’s like a party every night.”

Nick also had the joy of spending Valentine’s Day with all four of his wives. He wrote: “Pre-Valentine’s Day Celebrations with the loves of my life.”

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